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Fast and Economical Extracting Driver’s license

Want to get your fast, easy, and economical driving license? Then 123slagen Driving School in Hilversum is the right place! Our driving school will help you towards getting your driving license. We guarantee high quality and personal attention during the lessons! We gradually bring our students knowledge, insight and skills. We pay a lot of attention to social, safe and environmentally conscious participation in traffic. Also to personal attention, patience and we provide a pleasant atmosphere during the main lessons. Proper driver training is in fact the basis for a secure future on the open road!

Quality and Personal Coaching

If you choose lessons at 123slagen Driving School you choose a qualitative and economical driving course. Unlike many other driving school prices, ours are very reasonable and it is our intention to have as few lessons as possible before getting the drivers license. 123slagen driving school offers very affordable driving lessons, you can contact us and see that all lessons cost only € 27.50 per lesson. Driving 123slagen is located in Hilversum, but we also provide cheap driving lessons in surrounding town such as Laren, Blaricum, Eemnes, Soest, Baarn, Huizen, Bussum, Naarden, Weesp, Muiden, Muiderberg, Nederhorst den Berg, Ankeveen, Kortenhoef, Loosdrecht and ‘s Graveland.

Why choose for 123slagen.nl?

High Quality Driver Training

Step-by-step approach

Better Preparation for participation in traffic

Understanding your progress using the instruction card that tracks your lessons

Price table

Driving 123slagen offers competitive prices with lessons in Hilversum and its surrounding towns. Lessons can be reduced in 123slagen per lesson. But you can also choose to purchase a complete package.

These lessons packages are cheaper than individual lessons. 123slagen offers a range of different driving lesson packages. There is always a package that suits your personal situation.

If you eventually need fewer lessons than the purchased package, you always get the difference refunded. This way you will never pay too much. Staggered payment for lesson packages is also possible to 123slagen.

All prices include 21% VAT

20 lessen

  • 19 lessen van 60 minuten
  • 1 gratis proefles
  • Praktijkexamen CBR
  • Instructievorderingskaart
Kies pakket

Losse tarieven

  • Les per 60 minuten €40+ Les per 90 minuten €60+ Tussentijdse Toets €185+ Praktijkexamen CBR €269

25 lessen

  • 24 lessen van 60 minuten+ 1 gratis proefles+ Praktijkexamen CBR+ Instructievorderingskaart
Kies pakket

30 lessen

  • 29 lessen van 60 minuten+ 1 gratis proefles+ Praktijkexamen CBR+ Instructievorderingskaart
Kies pakket

35 lessen

  • 34 lessen van 60 minuten+ 1 gratis proefles+ Praktijkexamen CBR+ Instructievorderingskaart
Kies pakket

40 lessen

  • 39 lessen van 60 minuten+ 1 gratis proefles+ Praktijkexamen CBR+ Instructievorderingskaart
Kies pakket

50 lessen

  • 49 lessen van 60 minuten+ 1 gratis proefles+ Praktijkexamen CBR+ Instructievorderingskaart

Free trial

Would you like to quickly get your drivers license in Hilversum or the surrounding towns, but you do not know exactly which driver training is best for you? Or do you want to get acquainted with driving with 123slagen? Then you can use a free trial lesson *!

During these lessons you will meet the instructor and you will be able to drive around so both you and your instructor can get a direct insight into your driving skills. Afterwards you get a personal training advice from your instructor for obtaining the license.

To take advantage of the lessons as much as possible, you always get lessons from the same instructor and the same instruction car. The instructor sees during the lesson right away your qualities are. After the lesson, we discuss how the license process continues and you get advice on how to improve your driving.

This is the ideal opportunity for you to get to know our school and see what you can expect!

* The lesson is free only in a package of 15 lessons or more.

Driver training

The driving school in Hilversum and the environment helps you quickly and efficiently in obtaining the license. In our school we use modern techniques and you will be guided by experienced and professional instructors.

The driving course is in stages and this training method is used to gradually help students learn to drive. This preparation is achieved by participating in traffic. If a student were to go to further stages in the driving training, this change is adequately managed by the instructor and is only made if the instructor knows the student is ready.

What does driver training look like?

In the first lessons we will work on “Vehicle Service and vehicle control”. The next set of lessons focuses on “Control of simple traffic manoeuvres and traffic situations.” This includes the “special movements” such as three-point turns and parallel parking. Next comes “Control of complex traffic manoeuvres and traffic situations”, which includes U-turns, and driving in the dark.

After all these lessons, you will be on exam level. The module “safe and responsible road use” we take a closer look at. If you have all these parts (which in turn consist of several parts) mastered, it is time for the exam!

Driving Refresher Course?

If you know that you are not having fun whilst driving or you have not driven a car for too long, then the refresher course at 123slagen Driving School is the solution. During the refresher course you will work on your confidence and get the car back under control. The Driving 123slagen refresher course consists of only a few lessons.

The refresher course is designed for motorists:

• That after obtaining their license, have not driven for a while • Who have trouble parking the car • That are afraid of driving on the motorway • Who should learn about new driving techniques • Who have difficulty with traffic / signs

2todrive - lessons from 16.5 years’ old

At 2toDrive you can already start with your lessons from the age of 16.5 years old. From the day you turn 17, you can already do a driving test! Did you pass? Then you can drive until your 18th birthday accompanied by your chosen coach(es). You do not have to wait until your 18th birthday before you finally can begin lessons, how cool is that? Only young people who are 17 years from November 1, must pass the practical exam at the CBR. Are you not yet 17 by November 1? Then you can still start the first lessons but only from your 18th birthday can you take the practice exam.

Lessons from 16.5 years

How 2todrive • Are you 16 years old? Then you can start passing your theory test. • You may start to take driving lessons from 16.5 years for the driving license B. • If you become 17 years old you can take your driving test. • Did you get your license? Then you can drive in the car with your coach(es) until you’re 18. • From your 18th you can drive on your own.


Autorijschool 123slagen.nl 't Gooi Jelle Baars

In 1 keer geslaagd na 6 weken rijles gehad te hebben van Redouan. De rijlessen en instructies waren altijd erg duidelijk en er werd vaak goed opgesomd wat voor de volgende les de verbeterpunten waren. Redouan was elke seconde alert en wist mij altijd goed wakker te schudden ook als ik niet goed had geslapen.…

Autorijschool 123slagen.nl 't Gooi Irene de Stefano

Thank you Redouan! You are a very good instructor! I had a long journey but I passed in one go!!🥇

Autorijschool 123slagen.nl 't Gooi Isa van Delft

Ontzettend leuke en leerzame lessen gekregen van mijn zeer betrokken en betrouwbare rijinstructeur Redouan. En het aller mooiste is natuurlijk dat ik in 1x ben geslaagd! Ik zie je op de weg!

Autorijschool 123slagen.nl 't Gooi David Rasser

Redouan = topvent. Zeker een aanrader. Was easy uiteindelijk. In 1x geslaagd!🎉

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Onze rijlessen zullen vooral worden gedaan in ‘t Gooi.

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